Locking/Manual Register on to a specific cell

I am trying to force the modem to lock on to specific cell by ARFCN/UARFCN (so as to camp on a preferred cell). I glanced at the LE_MRC (Modem Radio Control) interface and it doesn’t look like it would be possible. There only seems to be a preferred operator selection.

I was looking at U-Blox modules, which have this provision within their AT Commands list (Lock on a specific cell +UCELLLOCK), so I am hoping the possibility is there with most QCom modems.

Is there any other low-level API I can look into (or manipulating the MRC functions) to make this possible? Hope this is the right place for this question.

(Target module: mangOH Red - WP760X)

Another slightly off-topic question about Radio Configuration preferences - Does the modem only ever search for the cells within the preferred bands or is it more of a higher priority list?

Hi mallets,
there is no dedicated Legato API for that,
I invite you to open a new topic on the following forum
which handles issues and requests on the WP platforms,
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Hello mallets,
There is no AT command or a legato API available for the Cell lock feature. You can contact your distributor/Sierra to check for the possibility of providing you with a separate build supporting this AT command.

Regarding your query on Radio Configuration preferences - Yes it does search for cells in the bands of the RAT that is set.