16.10.3 WP manual (mobile) network selection


I’ve had a look at the documentation but I can’t find a way to manually network select via the legato api (however I could have missed it) - any ideas ?

I’m fairly certain the QMI api supports manual network selection.

The AT command AT+COPS works (as far as I can test it).

Many thanks in advance


Hi @johnofleek,

Maybe le_mrc_SetManualRegisterMode ?
Cf http://legato.io/legato-docs/16_10_3/c_mrcNetworkRegistration.html and http://legato.io/legato-docs/16_10_3/c_mrc.html


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Hi CoRfr

Yes that looks very good. We’re surprised we didn’t find it ourselves - I can’t understand why but I seem to have problems navigating the documentation for specific functionality - oddly it seems obvious and easy to find once I have the answer