Update version linux for WP7502

Good afternoon.
I’m using WP7502. legato 20.04
There is a Linux image with version 3.14 for this modem.
I need to update this module to a newer version of Linux. Could you advise me on a suitable Linux image from a different module but with a higher version.
There may be newer modules with a newer version of Linux. And the image of this Linux will be suitable for WP xxxx

The last version of WP75 R16 is having kernel 3.14:


so your version should be the latest one

I want to update this Linux to a newer version linux .
Can I take a Linux image from another module?

never try this, i don’t know if it works or not

What other options are there to update Linux on this Wp7502 module?

this module has been end of life 3 years ago:

I don’t think there will be a new firmware for it

you might need to consider to migrate to WP76 module

Tell me, are there instructions for rebuilding Linux for this module?
and is it possible to remove the driver from this assembly?

you can of course download the yocto source to rebuild linux
but i don’t know how you can upgrade the linux kernel version

To remove driver, you might need to do it inside menuconfig: