Change the kernel options and rebuild the Yocto project for WP7502

Hello, I want to change some kernel options and rebuild the Legato Linux distribution with the new options.
Unfortunately, it is not very clear to me on how to change the kernel options in the Yocto project and how to rebuild the firmware image for the WP7502.
If somebody can point me to a file that can be edited for the kernel configuration options and what parameter(s) should be given to the make command to build the firmware image for the WP7502 I’ll be very grateful, because I’ve started to read the documentation but is yuuuuuge.
Many thanks.

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For building kernel or to get boot-yocto image:
Download latest release according to your PC(I have used Linux ubuntu 16.04) of 64 bit.
Unzip the will get legato-spm tool.
Run "legato-spm --install --module WP750X --update-link "
Run "legato-spm --install --module WP750X --sdk pdk.64"
there will be "legato.source."
Enter into that directory and give “make”(It will take >1 Hr max).
later create build environment for kernel configuration for that you need to use below commands:
source poky/oe-init-build-env build_bin
. poky to get build_env
bitbake linux-yocto -c menuconfig
bitbake -c linux-yocto compile
Run Once again “make” to reflect the configurations changed in the flashing image.