ttyHSL1 with swi-fx30-cat1_2.0.1

Hello, using a FX30 with a serial extension, I’have tried to use the new firmware for my appli but I cannot have the /dev/ttyHSL1 device for my app (AT!MAPUART=17,2 not working).


you can use /dev/ttyHS1 port if you use this AT!MAPUART setting

Is it possible to use ttyHS1 instead of ttyHSL1 ?

I did try an echo on the device but nothing appears on the console.

With AT!MAPUART=16,1, it is possible to have the linux console on the good tty but AT!MAPUART=17,1 did not work.


when you set “AT!MAPUART=17,2”, the generated port ttyHS1 is for data communication on UART2, not for echo something on the console.

Ok, it is not the same like for version 18.06.

I’will try on monday.



Ok, it works with ttyHS1. But with version 18.06 it was ttyHSL1…