How to add adef device for WP76 UART2


My app doesn’t start anymore, since I recently updated my WP76 form Sierra Firmware R9 towards R12.
I discovered that R12 uses a different ttyHS device for the UARTs: UART2 now uses ttyHS1 iso ttyHSL1.

Can I add something to my application sources (.adef file?), so, that it can be compatible for both R9 and R12 firmware?

[rw] /dev/ttyHS0 /dev/ttyHS0
[rw] /dev/ttyHSL1 /dev/ttyHSL1 // /dev/ttyHS1 for firmware R12



in R12, you can run the following command to create a link to /dev/ttyHS1.

ln /dev/ttyHS1 /dev/ttyHSL1

What do you mean with ‘command’?
Can I use ‘in’ in the SSH terminal, or, should I put it in a script file?

I expected a run-time check on the Linux version, at startup, so, that my app can decide which tty device is needed.

you can use use “ln” in both ssh terminal or script file.