Trying to add python 2.7.12 recipe to Legato


Hello everyone

I’m very very new to Legato and Yocto. I’ve spent some days diving into both documentation in order to understand both, but still there’s some stuff I don’t get.

My scenario is: I have a mangOH Green board with the WP8548 from Sierra Wireless, no problem to download and flash the Legato from the official page so far. But my problem comes when I need the pip package from python to keep working and the python 2.7.3 doesn’t include pip, so my main idea was to add an openembedded recipe (this one) to upgrade the python version to 2.7.12 (which includes pip by default). It’s suppose to be easy thanks to Yocto features.

I’ve been following to ways to do it, trying to add the recipe manually following this, adding the folders and files under the meta-openembedded layer already included in Legato, but when I compile it using bitbake I get “ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES ‘’”

My second way to attack was using Toaster, the way Yocto recommends to add new layers and recipes to the images, but I wasn’t able to “load” the Legato images to Toaster, and either way, I can’t find neither the Python 2.7.12 recipe among the availables in Toaster or the machine for the mangOH.

I know I’m missing something, but after days trying to find it by myself I came here. I’m still thinking that the manually approach is better, adding the recipe, compile it, rebuild the Legato image and flash it on the mangOH, but due the different versions of Legato and Yocto, it’s been hell. Any lead I can follow?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the (maybe) dumb question.

P.D: I’ve realized the Python 2.7.12 recipe is for the latest Yocto version, 2.2, and legato uses the 1.7. Could I include a 2.2 Yocto recipe on the 1.7 Legato?