Adding Yocto built packages to a target

Yocto allows for other applications/libraries to be built for WP target. Great example would be lsusb and libusb (the former being dependent on the later). The Yocto Distro released in Firmware 15.1 will build these both with the recipe usbutils. If i modify the mdm9x28-image-minimal recipe to include usbutils it will be added to the yocto*.cwe, but this requires i push the entire kernel and rootfs to just add this utility. I want to know:

  1. Can I use the .ipkg file generated by bitbake (IE: bitbake usbutils creates usbutil*.ipkg) to just install this package? Can i just scp the file and run a command?
  2. If there a way that legato handles these existing packages? Can i say my custom application is dependent on a library, say libusb, is installed like a typical package manager?
  1. you can find out the exact application binary and push to module to run:


  1. legato application can bundle files, you can bundle the library in the unssandboxed legato application, and then copy the file to the module’s system or run it with system() API call