Add recipe to upgrade python

Hello all,

I’m current working on a Sierra FX30 gateway. I have already configured the environment to build the Linux image using yocto and it is working.

In the image that is being generated, the python version is 2.7.3 and I need at least 2.7.9, do you have any application note on how to put a new recipe to change the python version?

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I have download the recipes for dev-tools from yocto project, in there the recipes for python are for the version 2.7.14.

I replace it on my poky folder, but I can’t compile the new image.

Is there any guide telling where is needed to change files to compile with a different version of python?



Need to change below files accordingly for upgrading python version with existing in the yocto.Also need to update patch file accordingly.

Below link will provide additional information on upgrading the versions of python

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Hello Manukumar,

Thank you so much for the link, following that I could update my python version.