Including Python3.5 in Yocto build


I’m trying to include Python3 in the Yocto build. So far I managed to sucessfully install Python 3.3.3 by adding IMAGE_INSTALL += "python3".
I tried to use PREFERRED_VERSION_python3 = "3.5.5" without success.
I realized that Poky contains only the 3.3.3 version of Python.

How can I update it to whatever the latest version of Python is?

I’m assuming that you’re using WP85 or WP75 based on the fact that you are getting Python 3.3.3 which is the version of python3 included in the Yocto 1.7 branch. You could try backporting the recipe from the sumo (yocto 2.5) branch. Be aware that the newer recipe may use features or utility functions that aren’t available in yocto 1.7, so it may be more complicated than just copying the and files from the newer version.