Is there a WP77xx toolchain for ARMv8 processor?

I have followed “The instructions to rebuild Legato … on” that I found here up until “Upon running the toolchain installer you will be prompted where you want to install the tools.” -On this page.

After running the 64-bit toolchain, I only get “Error: Incompatable SDK installer! Your host is aarch64 and this SDK was built for x86_64 hosts.”

Where could I find a toolchain for my ARMv8 processor, or how do I create one?
(my cpu: 8-core ARMv8.2 64-bit)

Thanks for the response. Just for future reference:

"HI Jordan …

unfortunately for the moment we do not support toolchain for host ARM (aarch64)
may be it will be handled in the futur
Best regards"