[SOLVED]Sdef file, or sdef files. Where are they located?


I´m trying to automatically start spiService. I read that I need to edit sdef files to point to a mdef file. The thing is that I can´t find this system.sdef file or I don´t know where to put my custom sdef file.


Hello Luis,

Here a very basic custom system:

In your legato framework directory: Create a symbolic link to your “custom” target definitions extra file (targetDefs.extra).


ln -sf /home/sylvain/work/temp/legato_example/my_custom_system/targetDefs targetDefs.extra

In my custom targetDefs file:

Root directory

export MY_ROOT = $(LEGATO_ROOT)/…/my_custom_system

Override the default sdef file

export SDEF_TO_USE = $(MY_ROOT)/custom.sdef

In your custom.sdef file:


  • Simple system definition that includes examples services and applications


And build (if your target is a WP85 device)

make wp85

Best regards,


Hello spator, thanks for your help.

In my WP85 I´ve got 6.10 Framework installed.
The legato directory looks like this:

there isn´t a default sdef file. I have created system.sdef file and I have copied it in legato, but results are not what I expected.

I have read these lines in documentation:

----mdef File Load

----You can also use Legato’s mdef to load the pre-built kernel module.

----Create Kernel Module Definition .mdef hello.mdef file in any location with this preBuilt section:

----preBuilt: /path/to/kernel/module/ktest_module.ko

----Modify $LEGATO_ROOT/system.sdef (in Legato root dir) to include the kernelModule path:

----{ “path_to_hello.mdef” }

When I try to do


I don´t get a result


Sorry I’m not understand your problem.

On your “screen capture”, you show your device file system.

You try to “find” $LEGATO_PATH on your device target ?

On target, $LEGATO_PATH don’t exist & your system is installed in /legato/systems/current.

Best regards,


Hello Sylvain,

I´m very new with Legato platform. I have never worked with a linux before. I thougt that Legato was going to help me to avoid diving into Linux, but it is not the case.

Now I think I can see things more clearly with your help.



I have found what I was searching.

I found out that in Developer Studio, I can create Application Projects and System Projects. Creating a System Project you can edit an .sdef file and attach your applications to it