Size of legato.cwe

Hello, I have created a .cwe file which is 9.7 MB, but I need it to be less than 8.7 MB. I am wondering what I can remove or delete to make the file smaller? For example, I have tried to mask out apps I dont need from default.sdef and wifi.adef from wifi.sinc, but it does not change the size of the file at all. Maybe it is something I need to clean or rebuild before making the .cwe file again?

you might need to contact distributor to get a tool to enlarge the legato partition in order to install your legato.cwe

Or you can just install the .update file which will install the application in userapp partition

Another option is to embed your .update file in yocto.cwe, and install it in runtime:

Okey, thank you. But do know why the file does not become smaller when I mask out apps from default.sdef? I am masking, then using mksys and creates .cwe using systoimg.

How about building the legato.cwe by “make wp76xx”?

If you download your image to module, do you see the application is removed in “app status”?

I managed to reduce the size by removing apps which I dont need from default.sdef (for example spiService, portService and include of devMode).