Reducing the size of Legato.cwe

I want to reduce the legato.cwe size to less than 6MB can anyone adivse on how we can do it. I am not using AirVantage serivces and apps.

The only thing I need is the legato tools and Data Connection service.

Attached is my testbuild.sdef and the default.sdef
default.sdef (3.7 KB)

testbuild.sdef (2.4 KB)

Attached is the platformBuildVars.sinc file I do not use Audio, ecall, secure storage in my legato app and therefore don’t need in my final cwe file. How can I remove the unwanted platform adapters to reduce the size of my final legato.cwe binary?
platformBuildVars.sinc (2.3 KB)

does this work?
Since no validation before on this setting, you need to build it and verify on your board.

yes the basic legato works fine but I want to reduce the size further please advise

i saw there is still some application in default.sdef, have you tried to further comment out some of them?

BTW, why don’t use the OCT to enable the AT!PARTITION to enlarge the legato partition?