Second implementation of same interface?


to test an external GPS receiver I need to write a app which processes the incoming GPS signals and makes it available to the rest of the system using an API.

The idea now is to have the app provide le_pos.api and le_posCtrl.api.

That way existing applications don’t need to be changed, only their adef files need to point to app.le_pos instead of positioningService.le_pos.

I am quite sure that this works with custom APIs, but I am not so sure about the APIs legato provides.

Is this a legal setup or will it confuse the service discovery ?


Hi, Georg,

This is absolutely a legal setup.

Two different apps can each advertise a service with the same name. The Service Directory is designed for that.

The binding is what determines which one the client connects to; like wiring the client-side interface to the correct server-side interface (aka “service”).



Hi Jen,

thanks for clarification.