Positioning Service in Legato


what is the difference between the Positioning and the GNSS (-Service) in Legato (Positioning - Legato Docs)?

When should I use the one or the other?
I want to get the location of a device, but it is in a room. I am a little bit confused, because I thought it would not be possible to get a GPS Location in a closed room. So why is the working? Does f. e. the le_pos Library use the Mobile Network Cell information to get the location? (do the magic :smiley: )


Hello @white_fish,

So to my understanding the le_pos.api does not really care about what the backend is.
It provides with high-level info about where your target is, where it’s heading to, … with some accuracy measurements.

The le_gnss.api is much lower level, and is about control specific for GPS-like positioning.
If you look at the le_gnss, it doesn’t provided you with any positioning measurements.

Make sure that what you consider as working is, indeed, working and that it doesn’t return some out-of-bounds results.
There is gnss tool that can be useful in your endeavor.
For instance check gnss get status.

As for why it would be working in a closed-room, I can generally get it work next to a window.
There is some way to assist the GNSS module (cf GNSS - Legato Docs) but I’m not sure there is anything that is done by default, although I could be wrong.

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Thanks! I was a little bit confused about the two apis. But as a result, I will use the le_pos.api.

Have a nice day!