Remote SIM failed

tried different FW/SDK:
SDK for WP76 (Release 9 + Legato 18.08.0)
SDK for WP76 (Release 13.3 + Legato 19.11.0)

remote sim doesn’t work:

Jan 20 19:24:56 swi-mdm9x28 Legato:  INFO | rSimDaemon[9197]/rSimDaemon T=main | le_rsim.c le_rsim_Init() 1725 | le_rsim_Init called
Jan 20 19:24:56 swi-mdm9x28 user.err Legato: =ERR= | rSimDaemon[9197]/rSimDaemon T=main | le_rsim.c le_rsim_Init() 1757 | pa_rsim_AddSimActionRequestHandler failed

Module: WP7607

any tips?
anyone had luck to make it work?

hi @m2m_iot,
On WP7607, the Remote SIM service is not supported.
Best Regards,

hi @plu,
who said so ?
as per

For WP76xx, WP77xx, AR759x and AR758x, 
and LE_SIM_REMOTE types are supported.

in this case what WP76xx modules have Remote SIM support?

HI @m2m_iot ,
it is necessary to activate an internal feature and recompile dedicated source api file to be able to use this on WP76xx.
Documentation will be updated with the information.

Hi @plu,
When can we expect updated docs and how to activate internal feature ?

hi @m2m_iot,
unfortunately, it happens that additional developments are necessary to have this feature working properly.
This is not planned to have these new implementations.
so currently, Remote SIM feature is officially not supported on WP76xx.

Best Regards

Hi @plu,
What modules got official Remote SIM support?

hi @m2m_iot,
this is supported on AR7584 and AR759x ;