Sms reception

Hi everyone,

I’m currently facing an issue with the event triggering (In particular with the sms reception).
I tried to run the ModemDemo application from the legato Beta version. I created a new Legato Project for AR755X, using the Legato Application Framework Package (14.1.0.Beta.rc5), with modemDemo as a base project.

Then, I compiled, loaded and started the app with the Remote System Explorer Perspective connected to the chip.

I tried to send several sms to the sim card into the 1st slot but the handler is never triggered. Indeed the first log LE_DEBUG("smsReceivedHandler called."); is never shown in the LegatoConsole

My sim card is functional (I can send sms).
The log level is at DEBUG (in the .adef file under processes section) envVars: LE_LOG_LEVEL = DEBUG

Has anyone an idea why the handler is not responding to the sms reception ?



Can you copy the logs and modem status (at!gstatus?) for us to look at?



I just had a look at the WP7 board I have, and there are three sim card holders:

2 on the dev board
1 on the WP7 daughterboard (underneath - you need to remove the daughterboard to access it.

Which card holder are you using?

ciao, Dave

It could be that the SMS storage on the SIM is full. You can check this using AT+CPMS?, and you can delete all the messages using AT+CMGD=,4

For example, on my modem, I initially had 20 stored messages out of available storage of 50, and after deleting all the messages, I confirmed that there were no messages stored.

+CPMS: “SM”,20,50,“SM”,20,50,“SM”,20,50


+CPMS: “SM”,0,50,“SM”,0,50,“SM”,0,50[/code]


Indeed the problem was that the SMS storage on the SIM was full.
I freed it with the commands you advise me to use (AT+CMGD=,4).

I have trouble to understand why the storage was full up though ? (It wasn’t full at first, I could receive sms)
Because every handler I made, deletes the message when we are done with it, by using:


How is it possible to fill up the SIM card storage ?

@davidc: I’m using the first slot on the dev board (UICC1 J800)

@esun: If you still want the status of the modem (state before freeing the storage)

Thanks for your support,



Please provide us with the output of at+cpms?. I just want to confirm that the SMS messages are being saved on the SIM. They could be saved elsewhere.



This is the procedure I used to free the sim storage: