Release 10.1.1 out for wp76xx but no package available

@daav It appears they pulled R10.1 and then re-released it as 10.1.1. However, there is no package for 10.1.1. Since the Legato and Yocto/Linux versions appear the same, there must be a change in the modem code. As a consequence, I can’t build up a full image package for my wp76xx for testing.

Hi @EvetsMostel

The diff between 10.1 and 10.1.1 is just that the second one includes an updated certified modem image for Verizon carrier.
If you’re not on Verizon, they’re the same.
The 10.1.1 is not published in DS since from software development point of view, the SDK is the same.

If you need to build a concatenated image including the Verizon image, you can still download it separately, and directly use swicwe command line tool.

So, in theory, I should be able to download the modem image for Verizon and replace it in the package, since it’s on my hard drive. yes? Because, I am doing Verizon and for DS is more convenient than my linux VM for doing this. (on a different machine).

Hi @EvetsMostel

Yes; you should also have a look at the package.xmi file, where references to bundled files should be updated as well.

Hi @daav,
When I look at the file that I get from the Verizon Component, it is a .spk file, not a .cwe. Can you concatenate a .spk with .cwe’s?

Hi @EvetsMostel

if we look at the device image package installed by DS, we can see that modem images are actually .spk files. And yes, it’s possible to bundle a basic .spk files + additional .cwe files into a target .spk file (this what DS is doing with the firmware image generation wizard).

By the way, I noticed that the Verizon FW image you get from the Release 10.1.1 components page (,-d-,1,-d-,1-components/) it the same that the one bundled in the DS 10.1 package.
So my guess is that you can use the DS package as before.