R10.1 is out for WP76xx But no packages available

If you go to the source, R10.1 is out but only R9 Package is available for download. When is the new package for Legato available?

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Hi @EvetsMostel

The DS package for WP76 R10.1 will be released today.


Hi @daav,
Iā€™m building a stripped down version of Legato which was working under R7, R8 and R9. Under R10 it complains under 10.1 and says Kernel module spisvc.mdef must be listed in sdef file. I am not using any GPIO lines currently, so I have no special spi needs. Did they remove something that I need to define something for this release?

Looking at the default.sdef, apparently you have to add:

#if ${LEGATO_TARGET} = wp76xx

To the .sdef file.