Update FW Image WP85


Hi I tried to update the new fW for my WP85.
I used thes instructions:
source.sierrawireless.com/resour … /swiflash/

after setting these commands it shows:

fact is I have got

and I want to renew the Framework and the FW.
in the describtion for update Framework it tells that a FW update is recomended.
So I got the error by tring


Hello Claus,

The WP8548 sample you are using is quite old, in fact it comes from one of the first prototype build we have delivered last year.

Since we released those early samples, we have made several HW changes to improve performances and to comply with regulation.

After FW release 10.1 we have decided to stop supporting those early samples with new FW release to make sure developers complies with regulation.

I hope you will understand this decision