Mangoh green reboots every 5sec

HI All,
My modem reboots every ~5sec, because I have got bug in my initial function and I set up faultAction: reboot. So when application crashes, modem is automatically rebooted. Modem has not got enough time to connect with my computer, so I cannot remove/stop the app.

I have found post HERE about the problem.

However I have been waiting 1h and my app has not been removed. Do you know how I can perform factory reset or just stop the booting loop?



How about redownload the one click exe FW in Windows?

As mentioned by @jyijyi, you can use the appropriate one-click exe for windows to put stock software on the device again. Your device might not be rolling back to the previous version if you have DevMode app installed because it marks the system good really quickly (which prevents rollback).


There are two chances to happen this usually. One with the power and another with the memory allocation. I request you to check better power adaptor if you are driving it through USB.

For memory issue, use command in linux host “swiflash -m “WP85XX” -r”. This will restore your file system inside module.
Note:- You must need to install swiflash tool separately.

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Sreejith KK