Internal modem access

Hello all!
I was searching this forum for a particular question, and I think I found it (unfortunately…). But just to be sure, can anyone answer my question?

My application is already coded in java with all AT commands implemented. Using Yocto Project, I was able to port my entire linux distro and configuration to WP7104-G (wonderful!), including my java app. The problem is that I only have access to the modem using Legato’s API.

It would be perfect to have access to modem through some /dev/* node, so porting our code to this new machine using our already made ATlibrary could be done in no time. Also, no need to port our entire code to C language.

Will this feature be implemented some day or this low level access will only be available through external microUSB? :unamused:

More questions to come… thanks! :smiley:

Hi Guilherme,

You should be able to access the modem through /dev/ttyAT if you have upgraded to the latest :smiley:


Thanks Enoch, it works perfectly! :smiley: