Modify Legato Application Framework

Hi,I want to make some changes to the source code of Legato. How can I replace the original framework on the target device with my updated Legato framework

After “make wp76xx”, you need to download the newly generated legato.cwe to module.

Where can I find legato.cwe and how can I download it into the module.

after “make wp76xx”, the new legato.cwe should be appeared in a path like

You can transfer the file module’s /tmp folder by scp, and then in the module’s console, you can type “fwupdate download /tmp/legato.cwe” to upgrade.

Why did I add a LE-INFO() in the application framework, but I didn’t have the information I added when executing logread - f | grep <app>

have you tried the simple helloworld application and monitor the “logread -f”?