Problem using STRUCT in API file on Version 18

Thats the Problem! Let me explain:
The newest Firmware Provided for the mangOH red on the official Mango website uses following Versions:

When using this version i can compile without problems but get the error that the I2C blocks itself after a few minutes/hours. (Giving me following message: qup_i2c qup_i2c.0: Bus still busy, status 132100
qup_i2c qup_i2c.0: Transaction timed out, SL-AD = 0x27)

So i looked for a solution for my i2c problem, and found that a possible fix may be using the newest firmware for the WP85 provided at
so i switched to this version, but in this version (legato 18.04) it is not possible to use STRUCT in the Api files.

My main problem is actually just that the i2c blocks itself, i would actually prefer using legato 20.

I looked at: WP8548 I2C bus lock up when read ADC2 and ADC3 - #9 by plu and there it states that a possible fix may be building my own image using the patch for the i2c. But is there an easier fix?