Missing Documentation on AT!NVBACKUP

I’ve seen various mentions of !NVBACKUP, but I can’t find documentation on this. The AT guide in https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/software/airprime_wpx5xx_wp76xx_wp77xx_at_command_reference/ only lists !RMARESET.

Where can I find information on this command and what exactly is backed up?
Also, more information on the !RMARESET and what it does whould be helpfull, because we are experiencing data loss in the filesystem and the config tree.


you can see this document from other module as reference

But these commands only relate to the Qualcomm chipset setting, not related to the linux’s filesystem or config tree

Ok, thats good to know, so that’s not what we can use.

What could be the reason we are loosing files and the config tree? The apps are still there, but the files in /home/root are missing.

I remember there might be chance of data loss in userapp partition if not following the power down sequence.

you can see here:

basically you can put important files in reserved partition or build the important files together with legato.cwe or yocto.cwe

Ok, bundling with legato doesn’t work for us, since these files change from time to time.
Another partiton seems a possible solution, but we also have an eMMC attached, but there corruption could also happen. We’ll discuss and see what we’ll use.

Thanks for the help!