ConfigTree Data Rollback


I am writing an app that saves data to the config tree, data which needs to be persistent across reboots and power-offs. However any power cycle causes data written by the app to be deleted from the ConfigTree.
I have marked the system as good after updating it with my application (update -g) but that didn’t solve the issue.

So I have a blank ConfigTree, I write data to it, I verify trough DevStudio that the data is written and then I cut the power supply to my device (WP76xx). After powering on the device I can see that my ConfigTree is blank.

I am wondering why is this happening? I commit all my transactions inbefore cutting the power supply.
I don’t have devMode installed, but I wouldn’t like to have to install it to solve the issue.


Putting config tree logger on info level actually gave me something to work with:

| treeDb.c ReadTextLiteral() 1928 | String literal, '<sensitive_data - 511 chars long string>
| treeDb.c InternalReadNode() 2199 | Unexpected EOF or bad token in file.
| treeDb.c tdb_ReadTreeNode() 3281 | Unexpected token in file.
| treeDb.c LoadTree() 2511 | Could not parse configuration tree file: /legato/systems/current/config/myApp.paper.

Solution was found here, wasn’t looking in this spot.

Thanks for the solution. Solution provided is good.

Muralidhara N