Legato rolling back config tree (and app)

Hi everyone,

For some reason, I can’t get Legato to prevent rolling back to its original state (that is, the point at which I installed the Legato framework). I’m writing an app that saves data to the config tree, data which needs to be persistent across reboots and power-offs. However, any shutdown/power cycle causes the data written by the app to the config tree to be lost. Furthermore, the app itself is completely removed.

I’ve tried forcing an end to the probation period with update --mark-good, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. Furthermore, the devMode process is running automatically, and it doesn’t seem to stop the behavior, either. It worries me how this will be affected in a production environment, as well, as this app will be loaded on boards and shipped out in a product.

I greatly appreciate any help regarding this, as I seem to have hit a wall. Please let me know if any additional details would help. Thank you!

Additional details:
Board: mangOH Red
Chip: WP8548
Legato version: 17.07.1
Sierra Wireless firmware version: SWI9X15Y_07.12.09.00

Does it roll back on every shutdown? Are you entering a boot loop on shutdown (i.e. does it reboot 4+ times in quick succession)?

Hi kdunwoody, thank you very much for responding. It does consistently roll back on every shutdown. As for the latter, I’m not sure; how can I tell if it’s entering a boot loop? Is there a specific log or something I should check? Thanks and apologies in advance, I’m fairly new to all this.

There’s a USB plug on the right of the MangOH Red labeled “console” (in small letters). You can connect to that; it will show up as a serial port on your computer which you can connect to using a program such as putty (on Windows) or microcom (on Linux). The serial port will print out some logging including a Linux boot sequence every time the chip reboots.

Actually can you attach the serial printout from a reboot? Also Legato logs a bunch of information to the Linux system log which can be accessed with the “logread” command. Can you send me that log from after the reboot?