Factory reset does not wipe APN test settings


I’ve been using target tools like ‘cm data apn’ and ‘cm sim’ to add some test settings to my WP76xx devices.
After executing ‘Erase user partition’ with DS5.3.1 or ‘swiflash -r’ via command line, my test settings are still there (read via cm data or cm sim info).
How can I make sure my device is completely set back to ‘factory defaults’ ?
How can I clear these settings?


not sure if AT!RMARESET=1 will help in your case.
Please have a try.

This returns ERROR.
Is this AT command supported on WP7607?
Is there an alternative in Developer Studio?

I guess you can try to go into microcom without the echo option (-E)

microcom /dev/ttyAT

or another solution can be to use it like this but with it you wont be able to see the response:
echo “AT!RMARESET=1” >> /dev/ttyAT

Also WP7607 does have reset command supported according to the AT command Reference document provided by SierraWireless.

Also I think there is a file in legato (some .json) where apns are stored, and clearing that file would make the chip forget the APNs used

I managed to execute the AT!RMARESET command.

microcom /dev/ttyAT

The AT command reference explained me that I first had to enter the module password.
After a reboot, my APN were deleted as expected.