Hey Folks,

I am trying my hands with legato and MangOH Red, but i am unable to find any docs or tutorial of how to access the on board sensors on MangOH red independently. I can only find a temp sensors tutorials and explanations, that too a little vague on the legato’s site.

I have gone through the redsensortocloud and other airvantage codes on git hub, but there is no explanations of how to use the codes for sensors separately.

I am just trying to get the readings from the sensors to the Console , with LE_INFO for now. but reading them is a task.

I am using MangOH with WP7607G. And these are the details of my Dev. Studio:

Developer Studio 5.3.1
Copyright (c) Sierra Wireless 2009-2018
Build Version
Supported Legato versions: [16.01 - 18.05]

You can refer to here on how to build the legato image for mangoH Red board:

Please note that SW401 switch 3 needs to be “ON” on the mangOH_Red board in order to power up the Gyroscope/ Accelerometer.