MangOH RED to backend SIM communication example

Hello there,

Just finished the MangOH RED getting started tutorial and setting up the hello world APP:

Now i want to setup a simple program that sends information from the MangOH RED board to a costume backend.

The only problem i’m having is that i can’t find a good example. The only good thing i have found is some pseudo code:

And i find the Legato service API examples unclear:

Is there anyone that has a simple example with filled in values or a available tutorial to achieve this ?

Thanks in advice,



May be you could have a look to httpGet sample app:
Source code is located here:



Thank you for the info.

But i’m mostly interested in the setup of the SIM card and using it to communicate to a not yet existing back end any chance you have good example of that?

Thanks in advice,


I’m sorry. Not sure if such an example exists. I had to read through the code to make it work. And also, I only had to make the data connection work as I have colleagues doing the rest of the work in a non-legato application.

Hi @MelvinWiegman,
Can you please let us know the exact use case or end result you want and which custom back end you using.