Legato raspi image generation issue

I am a beginner in both Raspberry pi and legato. I want to run the legato Application framework on Raspberry pi3 board. But after build the legato code , i am facing below issue.

Input: /home/bae2cob/samba/poc/workspace/legatoAF/legato-17.11.0/build/raspi/_staging_system.raspi.update
Output: /home/bae2cob/samba/poc/workspace/legatoAF/legato-17.11.0/build/raspi
Version: 17.11.0 cob1096488vm 2018/07/17 16:02:07
Stripping /home/bae2cob/samba/poc/workspace/legatoAF/legato-17.11.0/build/raspi/_staging_system.raspi.update/system/bin/startSystem
Stripping /home/bae2cob/samba/poc/workspace/legatoAF/legato-17.11.0/build/raspi/_staging_system.raspi.update/system/lib/libjansson.so
raspi: Generating the framework image (squashfs)
Warning: Unable to find mksquashfs within toolchain, please update your toolchain.
Warning: Unable to produce squashfs image: mksquashfs needed

Updated the tool chain , but still the same issue

I got the legato.squashfs generated after installing the mksquashfs tools.