Platform Build error for raspiberry pi 3


I am unable to build the legato platform for raspberry pi 3 for for frameworks 16.10.3 and above on a Ubuntu 16.04 machine.

  1. Installed all the necessary tools mentioned at here

  2. Cloned the raspberry pi tools and set the environment variables in the .bashrc file as below:

  3. Then execute the command source ~/.bashrc.

  4. I downloaded and unzipped the legato framework tar file.

  5. cd into the unzipped file and executed make

  6. bin/legs

  7. make raspi

But I get this error for all the versions starting from 16.10.3 and above and the build fails with the same reason:

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi @Vamsi3012,

the fix for that was just submitted today, could you try to build from the trunk of master branch instead and see if it works better?


Hi @CoRfr,

Yup it work now,