DS3 & Remote System Explorer



OK, I’ve got the Github framework downloaded and installed (Thanks Andrew!), and now have another set of issues.

I’ve built the ‘Hello World’ Sample, but am having a great deal of trouble getting the Legato framework to install/Run on my board.

I can connect to my Legato board OK - SCP seems to be up. However, When I right-click on Legato Framework and click install, I get the following error window:
which scrolls off the end of the page.

Trying to open the Configuration Editor gives me the following:
Which looks like a ldconfig error.

Adding /usr/local/bin to the /etc/ld.so.conf file and running ldconfig -v indicates that the legato libraries are in the cache, but re-running the Configuration editor just results in a ‘Remote Process and exited with code: 127’ message.

Trying to start the Legato Framework results in a similar set of messages - this time about issues starting the supervisor (and more about the missing libraries).

I’ve reflashed both the kernel and rootfs using fastboot just in case I’d hosed them before when I was using the old Application environment - but no change.

Any thoughts?

ciao, Dave


Now that you’ve built the 14.04 from Github, can you give a try to do the install on the device from the command line, thanks to the instlegato script?


Hi daav,

Now that I’ve got the correct compiler installed :blush: I rebuilt the framework and ran the instlegato script from the command line as you suggested.

Got one warning at the beginning of the script:Legato wasn't running. umount: can't umount /etc/ld.so.cache: Invalid argument but then it looks like ldconfig has run correctly (i.e. there is a list of libraries), and it looks like the process ended sucessfully with the following two lines: libconfigdb.so.0 -> libconfigdb.so.0.0.0 DONE.

The command line return code was 0 - again indicating no issues.

However, when trying to start the Legato Application from the Remote System Explorer I still get error code 127 and the window presented below:[attachment=1]legato-starterror.PNG[/attachment]

Looks like something isn’t quite right yet.

Additionally, When I try to install an app from DS I get the following error:[attachment=0]legato-instapp.png[/attachment], and using instapp it from the command line gives the followingStopping app 'test'... Removing app 'test'... Couldn't remove configuration data. Installing app 'test'... rmdir: '/opt/legato/apps/test': Directory not empty FAILED If I look at the /opt/legato directory on the legato, there is NO directory /opt/legato/apps…

Any more thoughts?

ciao, Dave


Actually, until Legato framework is correctly started, you can’t do any other action (like installing apps, etc…)
Concerning this particular issue, I’m checking with the embedded gurus ASAP.



Much appreciated.

Ciao, Dave


Hi, guys,

It looks like the startup files have not been installed in /mnt/flash/startup on the target yet.

Those files do some setup for the framework at boot time.

So you have /mnt/flash/startup on your target?
Make sure there’s no “.STOPLEGATO” file in there (if there is, just delete it and reboot).

There are instructions in the docs (Getting Started section) for installing those startup scripts, but it boils down to this:


  1. Create the directory /mnt/flash/startup on the target.
  2. From the developer host, scp the files into place
  1. Reboot

For the future, we have opened a defect ticket to have instlegato check if the startup scripts haven’t done their thing and provide a helpful message, so hopefully this should help people help themselves more if they wind up in this situation again. But, ideally, we can also find a way to keep people out of this situation too.

Eventually, we’ll probably have all these startup scripts and the framework itself in the rootfs that gets built by the Yocto build. That should fix this issue forever. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!



Hi Jen,

Thanks - that appears to have done the trick.

My install had the /mnt/flash/startup directory, but no scripts.

Maybe in the short term you could add this line to the ‘instlegato’ shell script that’s in the Framework tools?

Thanks for your help.

ciao, Dave


Yeah, good idea.

Glad to hear you’re back up and running.