Legato config toolchain error under Ubuntu and Legato 17.07.2

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I’m running the Ubuntu 16.04 VM under Win 10, talking to a MangOH Red.

Ping and SSH work OK
Using the Getting Started guide, entered the cfglegato command, which came back with
"No toolchain found for target 'ar7
Unable to find compatible cross-build toochain for target 'ar7’
No toolchain found for target 'ar86’
Unable to find compatible cross-build toochain for target ‘ar86’ "

After this, not able to send update file to MangOH board. Command is:

instsys mangOH_Red.wp85.update

I am assuming this fails (“not an update file”, but it does exist) because the config line above failed.

Fist things first, what tools do I need to install to get cfglegato working?


Hi griggs,
You have mentioned that you are using Legato 17.07.2 AF, But there is no tool chain available yet in the sierra source (https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/legato/downloads/) corresponding to Legato 17.07.2 . Did you fallow the exact steps from the beggining menationed in the mangoH Red getting started user guide to install the tool chain and others?

Also what is the error you see when you run “instsys mangOH_Red.wp85.update” command to send the update file to mangoH board?

Can you try with “instapp mangOH_Red.wp85.update” and check if it works?

Muralidhara N.

It is ‘fine’ for the system not to found a toolchain for ar7/ar86.
What matters if that it can find one for your module, ie wp85.

The instsys command should not fail if the build was successful.
Can you post the exact logs?

MangOH post: http://forum.mangoh.io/t/legato-config-toolchain-error-under-ubuntu-and-legato-17-07-2/891/3

I fixed the issue last night, but I had to do a complete re-build and re-install. Not certain why the first did not take - the second effort was exactly the same as the first. At this point, however, data calls are up and progress is being made.

Thank you all, however. The response on this forum is phenomenal.

@muralinagraj: Hey hi. I think it is okay to build applications with an older toolchain based on a higher version of legato. I don’t have a resource which says so, but for a month I have been able to build and deploy applications built on legato-17.08.1 using a toolchain that was released in compatibility with older legato version, 16.01.3 for that matter.
And, by no means apps that I build seems to misbehave, they execute just fine.

Its just that there are some existing reference applications for mangOH devices, which seems to be hard to compile because of certain backward compatibility issues in some sections of the code. In that particular case, I had to rollback to older versions like legato-16.01.3.