Which Linux Command line tools for current WP85 / Mangoh


Can I use

With the Mango WP8548 boards supplied last week?



Hi John,

with the board you got an USB key containing the software packages that you can use for development for WP85.
These packages are both usable with Developer Studio or from the command line, and they obviously include the toolchain.
If you ran the setup from the key, you should have the packages installed in your $HOME/.devstudio/packages directory.

Hi Daav

Thanks - I can see

Which looks suitable - but this is a file collection - the command line installation instructions here
legato.io/legato-docs/15_05/ … stall.html

Require a .sh

Question is do you have instructions on how to install legato.toolchain.1.6.2.fw_SWI9X15A_06035400-wp85-native-x86_64-201506091530?
or a version of

BTW Dev studio is working fine - I’m running Ubuntu in VirtualBox. I just would like to install the command line tools



Actually you don’t need to execute the .sh again, because the toolchain is already installed in the package.
When you use DS packages, the toolchain doesn’t need to be installed as root in /opt/swi: it can be used in place where the package has been installed.

Moreover, if you look at your installed packages, you should have an “SDK”.
This one contains a script you can “source” to setup your environement:

source $HOME/.devstudio/packages/legato.sdk.15.5.0.wp85-native-YYYMMDDhhmm/resources/configlegatoenv

And you’re done… the environment is configured for both the toolchain (WP85_TOOLCHAIN_DIR) and the Legato framework (LEGATO_ROOT) that are baselined together for this version.

This procedure is described here: legato.io/legato-docs/15_05/ … _sspm.html

Hi Dave

Ok I have a folder -

And I have

[quote]john@john-ubuntuV2:~/legatoCmdL/legato-af$ bin/legs
Using legato framework found under ‘/home/john/legatoCmdL/legato-af’
john@john-ubuntuV2:~/legatoCmdL/legato-af$ export PATH=/home/john/legatoCmdL/legato-af/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games:/home/john/legatoCmdL/legato-af/build/localhost/bin
john@john-ubuntuV2:~/legatoCmdL/legato-af$ source /home/john/legatoCmdL/legato-af/framework/tools/scripts/configToolchainDirEnvVars
No toolchain found for target ‘ar7’.
No toolchain found for target ‘wp7’.
No toolchain found for target ‘ar86’.
No toolchain found for target ‘wp85’[/quote]

I guess I have to put legato.sdk.15.5.0.wp85-native-201506091614 somewhere so that bin/legs can find it - any ideas?



Hi John,

My understanding is that you have a “custom” Legato Framework on your “/home/john/legatoCmdL/legato-af” folder that you want to use instead of the official build; correct?
If so you can simply source the configlegatoenv as I mentioned before (from the sdk directory) and then call bin/legs in your framework directory to override the SDK one.