LE_NOT_PERMITTED connecting to service


I am trying to use the posCtrl service in a legacy application, however running le_posCtrl_TryConnectService() returns LE_NOT_PERMITTED.

The program is being run on a FX30S as user root. I checked the SMACK permissions on the binary with getfattr -dm- which yields security-SMACK64="admin". I’m not sure how to check what other permissions apply, if any. Could anybody help me diagnose this?

Update: I am using “legacy” above in the sense used in the Legato docs here. That means I am using interfaces generated with ifgen, my program has a main function, and I am using my own build system.

The Legato version I am using is 19.01.0-323-gf37d71d6. The firmware level of the device, as reported by fwupdate, is:

Firmware Version: SWI9X06Y_02.22.12.00 eaf79c jenkins 2019/04/24 18:48:27
Bootloader Version: SWI9X06Y_02.22.12.00 eaf79c jenkins 2019/04/24 18:48:27
Linux Version: 3.18.44 #2 PREEMPT Wed Apr 24 20:48:03 UTC 2019


Added some extra info in the OP.