Build error "Operation not permitted"


We’re having trouble building our project with Developer Studio where we get an “Operation not permitted error”. Whats strange about it is that only .so files are flagged as an error even though other operations are affected too. For example this operation returns the error and is flagged as such (highlighted in red in build output):

setfattr: /tmp/build/homehub/Target_Legato_Debug/cwe/_staging_homehub.wp76xx.update/apps/ebcdd934c3ca653a29514b2ad7a2b6fa/read-only/lib/ Operation not permitted

And this operation returns the same error but is not flagged by Developer Studio.

setfattr: /tmp/build/homehub/Target_Legato_Debug/cwe/_staging_homehub.wp76xx.update/apps/ebcdd934c3ca653a29514b2ad7a2b6fa/read-only/lib: Operation not permitted

We’re using a WP76xx module and are still able to flash and run the code regardless of the error.

We use Legato 19.2.0.wp76xx-docker-201906171318 and there are a few things which seem off but we weren’t able to connect them to the issue yet:
This warning shows up after the build:

Some packages used by this project are not tested and should not be fully compatible with current Developer Studio version.

Which is further explained in the project settings:

Some packages are not fully supported by current Developer Studio version: GCC cross compiler Toolchain (, Legato for WP76 R13

Also, according to the WP76xx R13 release notes, AirVantage IoT Cloud isn’t supported and we have been using it. Is it possible that the incompatibility causes the errors?

Many thanks

@pavel, What is your DS version, please?

@mehdiALL1, it’s 5.3.1

@pavel, The support for Developer Studio has ended and the Legato plugin for VSCode is now the currently supported IDE, and no new update or package will be adding via Package Manager.
If you develop on Linux, there is a way to add Leaf packages Sign in to your account