Problem using api le_mrc.api


i’m trying to put in my project the API le_mrc without exit. Cna anybody tell me how to use? I want manage the Radio of the FX30S because I’m experimenting problems with the SIM.

Here how use .adef:

project.projectComp.le_mrc-> modemService.le_mrc

and here .cdef:
le_mrc = le_mrc.api

I’m using legato version:

Attached you have 2 files:

  • Visual_log, is the log that we see in Developer Studio

  • logread, is the log using command logread.

Visual_log_.txt (2.3 KB)

logread.txt (164.5 KB)

Thanks in advance!

Hi jchacon,

From Visual_log.txt:

May 8 06:31:27 | serviceDirectory[531]/serviceDirectory_exe T=main | serviceDirectory.c DispatchToServer() 713 | Client (uid 0 ‘root’, pid 17984) disagrees with server (uid 0 ‘root’, pid 580) on protocol ID of service 'HitecsaIOT.Hitecs

This usually due to version mismatch of Legato framework (running on device) and Legato app you built.
Can you check is your app built using Legato 16.10.1.m3?

If not, the Legato package and toolchain is available below:

Hope it helps.

How can I check this?

Seems you are using Developer Studio, are you building the app in this IDE?
I am not familiar with DevStudio, but I think you can find the info in app project properties, or from Device->Application tab.

And actually, we can pick the Legato framework version when we create a new project using the step by step wizard.



when i install the APP into FX30S appears this message:


i don’t know whats means de difference about the same version, modified or not…


Thanks for the screen shot, jchacon.

Yes, this clearly indicate Legato version mis-match, i.e.
FX30 is running 16.10.1.m3
Legato app is built for 16.10.1

Please select the correct Legato framework version (16.10.1.m3) when you create a new project.

If you want to stay with the current project, please
on DevStudio

  1. right click the project and select properties
  2. go to “Legato” and select “16.10.1.m3”
  3. clean the project
  4. build again
    On FX30
  5. please first remove the app
  6. mark good
  7. install the newly build app
    please pay attention DevStudio this time should not warn about compatibility, and see does the app run.

If still not work, please check from FX30 console:

  • legato version
  • app info (appname)

To confirm does both show “16.10.1.m3”

Thank you.