Reg Legato porting to other wireless platform

I am new to legato so posting this.

We are planning to port legato onto MDM9628 chipset of Qualcom (Not from Sierra but through a different vendor). Is it possible to do such porting? (Linux version is 3.18.20)

Secondly, I downloaded Legato from GIT version 17.11.0 however i am not able to find the services API files such le_adc_interface.h and its corresponding implementation. Am i missing something?

Thanks in advance.

Able to see the interface files after building the legato on host machine.

HI Sanmano,
is this topic still available or is it solved?

Hi Sanmano,
I too am looking for porting legato onto other platforms and have similar question like yours
Have your issue sorted out and what all where the steps advised