How to use docker for Legato Application Framework?

I am new to docker but I was told it would be a good solution to ensure same build system for different developer.

So I search that it seems legato has this list of images:

But which image to take and how to use it? Step by step would be nice, I am working on WP76XX module.

the update in your link was a few years ago
why do you need to use docker?

Many advantages, for one, to use it in bitbucket pipelines for CI/CD

I don’t have much experience on this, you might see if this helps:

If Vscode is used at your end, you can use the link Run leaf / VSCode in Windows environment without VM (Experimental) - VSCode - Legato Forum for reference.

your requirement will need a docker container running on your host and the Dev Container extension installed in your Vscode.

Rest instructions are similar to the above link, tried it sometime back and it worked smoothly without any issues.