Move to VS Code from Developer Studio

Now I am working on Windows 10/Developer Studio (VM docker).
I would like to create a new VS Code environment to develop apps for FX30.
Which is the most recommended solution:

  1. Windows 10/Virtualbox/Ubuntu ??.?? LTS/VS Code/Legato Plugin or
  2. Windows 10/WSL /Ubuntu ??.?? LTS/VS Code/Legato Plugin or
  3. Native Linux beside the Windows
    Is the second version stable?
    Which Linux and VM versions are the best for this purpose?

I used vmware with uhuntu 18

Thank You for reply.
As I have never used vmware, I shall it do with Virtualbox.
An other question: Developer Studio works only with Virtualbox 5.xx, but under linux I think, I can use the latest (6.1) version. Or not?

I only used vmware before …