How can you manually install an app onto a device?

How can you manually install an app created in Legato? Also, what is the procedure after an app is created and done to deploy in a production environment?


Do you mean using “update” command"?

I can’t seem to get that to work under Windows. If docker is running it wants to restart it, but it never finishes.

Using “update” command to install application should not restart the module.

No, it tries to restart Docker.

Do you mean if you shut down Developer Studio in Windows, the module will be working fine and will not restart?

Hi @EvetsMostel

any chance to post a screencast of what’s happening?
There shouldn’t be any correlation between Docker (that is used for build) and target management operations, so it’s a bit unclear to us…

I apparently am not explaining myself very well.
It appears that there is a conflict between the Dev Studio and the command line in terms of “Docker”. I finally did get update to work, but I had to not have run Dev Studio before this. I have to make sure that “Docker” isn’t running before I try to create the command line shell, or it fails. The reverse is also true. If I’ve run the command line shell, done things, then exited out, I get the same problem in Dev Studio. It would seem that there is a different version of “Docker” that gets run under the command line than the one that is run for Dev Studio. In both cases, they try and try to stop the old one and start theirs, but it fails because one is already running. I have to go into task manager and kill the others version. The one from Dev Studio is a little easier as I can stop it using the virtual box app.

I’m not sure why they are different since I’m using the same version of Legato (R7, 7.11).

Hi @EvetsMostel

so my understanding is you’re trying to use both Developer Studio IDE and “Legato Command Line” shortcut that indeed launches a Docker container to provide a sort of shell experience on top of Windows, right?

If yes, it’s true that both of them are taking control of the VM lifecycle, so they are not exactly designed to be executed at the same time.
Suggestions/Notes about this:

  • There is an Open SDK build shell right-click menu option in the Packages perspective (Installed Packages view). That provides some kind of similar shell experience, in a Terminal view inside DS. Using this, you let DS (and only DS) control the VM lifecycle.
  • Please note that we have deprecated this “Legato Command Line” feature; we’re currently working at providing a better command-line support on Windows thanks to Windows Subsystem for Linux feature. This should come before the summer. If you didn’t upgrade to Windows 10 yet, I guess you should consider the option :wink: