How to send Device Management Data to AirVantage


When I received my MangOH Red board and started using it, it connected to AirVantage server and sent Device Management Data (including network technology, RSSI, IP address, etc…) as shown below:

I would like to develop an application that would do the same, but I can not find the API to do so.
Is it possible?


Hi @Julien_B,
You can refer API’s in the osPortConnectivity.c (74.1 KB)
file attached to find the information on how to get the data/values for RSSI level, Rat technology, RSSI, Bytes sent, Bytes received, RSRQ, RSRP, etc…,.

You can find the same file in the legato-AF in the below folder path

Think you can refer this same file to develop an application to get the Device Management Data.

Muralidhara N.

Thanks muralinagraj

That is exactly what I was looking for!
However I do not see how I can call the functions of this file from my application code. They do not seem to be exported in any API or library file.
Is there a way to export them? or to link them from my app code?

Sorry, I am new to Legato framework so I may miss some basic framework usage.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Hi @Julien_B,
There is no any ready .api file for the file osPortConnectivity.c to call from an application directly. Functions in this file is called by the handlers.c (126.0 KB)
file. This file is present in the below folder path of the legato-AF:

You can have look at this file that how the functions in osPortConnectivity.c file is called from handlers.c.

One more way you can try is taking the reference of the functionality of how to get the values for RSSI level, Rat technology, RSSI, Bytes sent, etc,. you can develop your application looking the code of osPortConnectivity.c file.

See that i have attached the sample application (15.4 KB)
where i have written an application looking at the functionality from osPortConnectivity.c to get the values for Bytes sent and Bytes received.

Muralidhara N.

Thanks @muralinagraj,
Based on your example I ported the required functions from osPortConnectivity.c into my application.

Thanks a lot for your support!