How to push data from app (build by legato) to airvantage

I started researching about FX30 (gateway). I want to push data from app (build by legato and code with C language )) to Airvantage Cloud but i dont know how to start ? I used to read some document from but it is a mess up and have no example. Please! if you have any reference, coding example,experiences about it, please support to me !!!

did you try the sample application “lwm2mAirVantageControl”?

It is not useful. For example, i have Temperature, i want to set the variable values (le_avdata_SetInt() this is API support), and then push it to cloud (this here I Don’t Find Out any API support), and finally, i want to see Temperature to display in Airvantage Cloud

You need to use le_avdata_PushRecord() API to push the data to AVMS.
You can have a look on the sample RedSensorToCloud on MangoH red board here:

Thanks jyijyi, I have a another question, I use le_avdata.api from API to support for AVMS, after that my app automatic creat a le_avdata_interface.h in inc-gen folder. i know that every function such as le_avdata_PushRecord(), le_avdata_SetInt() in le_avdata_interface.h , but i can’t find out le_avdata_PushRecord(), Do you think issue from currently version legato ?

I guess you are using legato 16.x, maybe this API is not available inside this legato version.
Can you search your legato source code to verify this?

yes, you are right. I check it out from" help bar"

Developer Studio 5.3.1

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Supported Legato versions: [16.01 - 18.03]

Please refer a " suitable" legato version to me.

seems the FX30 only have official release on legato 16.x.