Legato/apps/sample/avSystemInfo how to send app data to AVMS


I’m trying to understand how to use the le_avdata_interface.h to send data from the WP85 to the AVMS system - any ideas gratefully received

Can anyone explain what triggers the avSystemInfo sample app to call the AVMS server? or is another app supposed to do the call - the app is running but after startup doesn’t seem to do anything
Should we use le_avc_StartSession()? from le_avc_interface.h ?
What method should be used to configure the WP85 to use the AVMS server? or is this fixed?

I notice that the standard AVMS heartbeat and other platform data is uploading as expected on out WP85 test system but I can’t see anything from the avSystemInfo application. Is this running independent of the Legato system?

We have uploaded a suitable avSystemInfo based .zip to to AVMS → My Apps - all looks fine



Hi John,

There are several ways to read the assetData from the device - one of them is the “Observe / Notification”. This is a mechanism through which the device can notify changes in asset to the server (device push). This mechanism is currently NOT supported in Legato.

So, the user has to initiate data retrieval from the Server. i.e A read has to be initiated from AVMS,
Refer to doc.airvantage.net/av/howto/har … sset-data/ - Retrieving data from Device.

The above mechanism is a simple REST Api query to AVMS Server. The server in turn sends a lwm2m read operation to retrieve the data from the device.