How to reinstall the application

Hi, everybody,
I just deleted an application by mistake operation, how can i re-installed the application. where is the ‘appwifiWebAp’ ?

/framework T=main | user.c DeleteUserAndGroup() 1374 | Successfully deleted user ‘appwifiWebAp’.


Thank you.

Hi @lumao

My first suggestion would be to invite you to upgrade your Developer Studio version.
The capture suggests you’re still in 4.X version, and latest 5.1 version provides many improvements in the workflows (notably a confirmation box when you accidentally delete an app ;))

My second suggestion is that, unless you’re working on Wifi topics, it probably doesn’t matter: wifiWebApp if a sample application, and deleting it doesn’t prevent the framework to work correctly.

Otherwise, in order to fix your immediate problem, you can either reinstall or upgrade the framework on your device to restore all the built-in apps, or erase the user partition in the recovery wizard (same effect: will reinstall the apps / but warning: you will loose any modification you’ve done manually on the device file system)

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Hi, daav,

I try to upgrade my DS version, I do not know why but it is failed, and whole IDE system can not be used.

It shows that the type of ‘devstudio’ unknown. Any advises? thank you.

Hi @lumao

What was your previous DS version?
How did you proceed to perform the upgrade?
Can you please share the workspace log (workspace/.metadata/.log file)?

If I refer to your other messages, you’re running a VM on top of Windows, isn’t it?
Did you give a try to install native Windows version?

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Dear daav,
Sorry for later update my process.
My IDE is working now.
I fixed the issue by restart my PC and run $ sudo apt-get update…
For now the DS version is v5.1:grin::

Thank you.

Best Regards.