Can't seem to find the devMode app in Legato 18 WP76xx

If you do the pulldown on the device menu and select Install devMode app, It complains that it can’t find it. And I checked the path it’s looking (in tools in the framework) and it’s right. It’s not there.


Hi @EvetsMostel

Please can you tell which path is expected?

Same place it was in 17.11 only 18.1.0

When I looked around, there’s a legatoArchive.tar.xz in there and when I extracted the files, it’s in that. So it looks like it just didn’t get extracted from the archive.

After the extraction into the “legato” folder at that level, I can indeed install the debugger and debug code.

Oh I see.
I think you tried to install 18.01 with DS 5.3, which failed (because DS 5.3 is not supporting Legato 18.01), and let the package “half-installed”.

Upgrading to DS 5.3.1 is mandatory before trying to install WP76/WP77 R8 packages (including Legato 18.01)

Actually, no. I tried to update in 5.3, but it died when it started and never got any files. I downloaded 18 when I got 5.3.1 installed.

We Installed Developer studio 5.3.1 and flashed release 8 with legato version 18.1.0 for WP76. We can able to install devMode app successfully.

Yes, I just had to unzip (or untar) the compressed package to get everything to work.