R14.04 - DS application framework download?


I think I’ve missed something in the upgrade from AlphaB to R14.04.

In AlphaB, I downloaded a package ‘legato-AlphaB-r1.tar.bz2’ that was unpacked and installed onto my system. I then ran make inside this directory and that built the Application Package for legato that was then loaded into DS3.

Am I still supposed to use this application package against R14.04, or is there an updated package that I’ve missed somewhere?

Any help much appreciated - getting ready for Dev Day … and things are a little hectic!

ciao, Dave


Anyone have thoughts on this?

At the moment I can’t get any of the Remote Tools in DS to work against R14.04 - I’m getting ‘not installed’, ‘application manager not running’ and other similar errors when trying to install and run adef based applications.

Even HelloWorld no longer works :frowning:

ciao, Dave

Hi David,

you now get the code from github. Are you in our github project yet (you should be)? If not, create a github account and then send it to Thibault or me (or both) and we will add you in. Software releases are all done that route now to allow us to have properly controlled releases and updates.

If you are already there then go to github.com/legatoproject/ to find out how to clone. legato-af is the framework project, then there are separate projects for the sample applications.


Thanks Andrew.

I guess that somewhere I missed being transferred from the Alpha program to the Beta program…

ciao, Dave