How to port legato af on non-Sierra hardware

I’m interested in using the Legato framework on non-Sierra hardware.
Could you please tell me in a bit detail as to how to go about this issue.What needs to be done, where reference materials。
can i install legato af on my localhost? i want test it first. i run “instlegato localhost”, the result: bash: /legato/systems/current/bin/update: No such file or directory

Thank you!

Unfortunately we do not really have a guide at this stage, and legato on localhost do not work the same way as on PC.
Another user tried to adapt Legato for a Ubuntu (and succeeded) but all his changes are not yet merged into the mainline.
Overall though it would not really be recommended to install on localhost as it would start managing your users and reboot from time to time, which would not be that comfortable.

The closest thing to a guide that we have is a virtual platform …
What I mean is that it is non-Sierra hardware and you can see the things that legato relies on to work properly.
It’s not really documented but if you download the ‘Legato Linux’ from for wp85 or wp76, there should be a meta-swi folder in there with a common section and meta-swi-virt that are used for this virtual platform along with common yocto and meta-openembedded repositories.

Thanks for you reply.
can you tell me , how to install legato framework to target device first time? step by step doc.
from, i dont know how to do this:
“Your target device should have come with a working Legato framework installed on it already.”


i think the user guide has been updated since your last post,
please follow the link
best regards